Help Keywords : Stalk.
Help Category : Survival.
Related Helps : Eye of Warning, Hide, Stealth.
Last Updated : 2019-07-06 14:15:56.
Syntax: stalk

Young Ninja quickly master the ability to blend into their surroundings and become virtually undetectable, waiting for their unsuspecting target. The stalking affect will be removed when the ninja engages an enemy in combat or moves out of the room.

Stalking characters do not show up in where, who, etc., until they attack something or leave the room (except via the 'unlawful entry' spell). The Oracle spell Eye of Warning can detect a stalking character, and monsters that detect hidden will still activate programs on a stalking character.

There is a recovery time after using stalk. The duration of the recovery time is based on dexterity and luck.

Skill available only to the Ninja Thief Subclass.