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Last Updated  : 2023-07-12 23:06:59.

    -- As of July 2023, Setwanted has been removed from the game.  --
    -- The old helpfile is below for reference only.               --

Syntax: setwanted <character>

For a cost of 4 trivia points, setwanted sets the wanted flag on any PK-
clanned, Outcast, or revenge-flagged player.  Once set, a wanted player
may be openly PKed in any room not flagged as safe, by anyone, without the
outlaw being able to take revenge on the attacker.  It is no longer possible
to use setwanted on yourself.

After using setwanted, the target has a 30 second grace period before the
bounty is activated.  This flag lasts until that player is killed; the flag
is then removed and a bounty of 500,000 gold is awarded to whomever killed
the wanted player.

Once a (WANTED) player is killed and the bounty claimed, they cannot be
setwanted again for 4 hours of real time other than by someone who has
revenge on them. This protection is removed if that player uses setwanted
on someone else.

It is illegal to use setwanted on defenders (in-clan and ally) and raiders
during a raid.

When an unclanned or nopk player uses setwanted, a special effect is added
to their character allowing others to use setwanted on them for a period of
24 hours. A list of nopk players eligible for setwanted can be seen by
using 'who setwanted'. This does not apply if the target of the wanted flag
is a player the nopk player has revenge on.

Players can use 'who wanted' to see the list of players who are currently