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Syntax: spiral
Damage: weapon damtype

With the power of their primary arts mastered, noble thieves are required to undergo training in more conventional fighting methods. The fastest thieves learn the ability to circle around their opponent at such speeds that the victim will not even be aware of the first attack until the second has already landed!

For an exceptionally fleet-footed thief, it's common to land 3 or 4 attacks before the victim can react, and possibly even more. However, as the thief's spinning slows, the last blows will cause less damage.

Note that thieves have found it practically impossible to spiral using a whip. This ability is based upon the damage of the weapon being used; if a target is immune to your weapon, trying to cut it multiple times with the same weapon won't work any better! Venomists, however, have adapted this ability to apply poison to damage opponents that would otherwise be immune to the damage.

Skill available only to the Primary Class Thief.

Primary stat: Dexterity, Strength.
Affected by : Luck.