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Last Updated : 2017-05-01 20:14:15.
Syntax: startwar <min level> <max level> <type> <option>
If you'd like to instigate some bloodshed, you can do so... for a price. You can start a war from Commander Barcett's Planning Room in Aylor ('runto campaign'). Provided you have 500,000 gold on hand, you can use the 'startwar' command to declare a war. Make sure to read the sign by the warmonger as well for more details.

'type' is one of 1 (Race), 2 (Class), 3 (Clan), or 4 (Genocide).

The following is a list of valid options:

   remortonly - Only remorts can enter the war.
   noremort   - Remorts cannot enter the war.
   nosn       - Supernewbies cannot enter the war.
   notier     - Tiers cannot enter the war.

Note- refunds are not given for mis-called wars. Please read the sign and this helpfile carefully before starting a war.