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Last Updated : 2022-04-19 08:45:16.
Search & Destroy (SND) is a Mushclient plugin developed by WinkleWinkle, enhanced by Starling and currently maintained by Crowley. The most recent version can be found at sites). There is also another version by Pwar and, over the years, other players have released various versions.

S&D helps you complete campaigns and global quests by queueing up speedwalks for you and tracking progress. Different plugins work in different ways, some require you to find a mob for yourself the first time before you can use it in a Campaign, others come with databases prepopulated.

There have been questions about the legality of S&D over the years. We cannot say for sure at any given point in time they are legal (because authors can change them), but generally speaking, they usually are. It is

  • your* responsibility as a player to make sure any scripts you use are

legal. If it is not moving and killing for you and is consistent with the botting rules (help botting, help stacked), it is legal.

Outside of legality, there has been other controversy around using SND. The original goal of the campaign feature was to encourage people to explore and learn areas in the game rather than just sticking to the most popular areas in mobdeaths. It can certainly be argued that jumping straight into the game with SND takes away from that so some people, including some imms, frown on the use of these plugins. Nobody ever got killed by a frown, make sure you're sticking to the actual rules and you will be fine.