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Last Updated : 2008-11-30 11:58:25.
Syntax: statmon

The statmon command is a toggle that turns on/off the output of various stats after each prompt. If you have prompts off, the stats line will display whenever you would have normally received a prompt.

The purpose of this command is to allow client users to capture their stats for various scripting purposes.

The values listed are in the following order (broken only for legibility- the entire list appears on a single line when displayed):

   current str / base str,
   current int / base int,
   current wis / base wis,
   current dex / base dex, 
   current con / base con,
   current luck / base luck,
   hp percent, mana percent, moves percent,
   hitroll, damroll, 
   position, enemy pct (9999 if not fighting),
   hp / maxhp, mana / max mana, moves / max moves, 
   gold, qp, tp, align, exp to level, current level,
   position (number)

See the 'tags' command for other tags available in Aardwolf. If you have a need for other tags not already in place, please contact Lasher.

A sample statmon line (without the tags) is:

84/10,402/400,402/400,402/400,474/400,402/400,100,100,100,120,171,You are Standing.,9999,200125/200125,5000/5000,41724/41724,4918120,520280,45,2500,-8990,210,5