Sea Kings Dominion

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 Somewhere beneath the sea lies a place which exists both within and
 above the cantankerous waters of Andolor's oceans. Somewhere upon a dreary
 shore lies a path which leads to a castle- the sunken home of a fable.
 Somewhere within the Grey Halls, buried beneath a mountain of treasures,
 the wailing cries of a temper tantrum shake loose and awaken those long
 lost to the waves. Somewhere, out on the blue horizon, lies the Sea King's

 Level range         : 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Extremely difficult
 Goal recommended at : 201
 Goal Converter      : Sammael Quadrapus
 Area Author         : Sammael Quadrapus

 This is a very high level and challenging goal which requires 2-3 rather
 powerful players at the superhero level to complete.

 This area was rewritten by Sammael and Quadrapus, drawing some inspiration
 from Citron's work.  Since the rewrite was entire, we've decided to give
 the original builder credits in the area notes.