The Amusement Park

 Creator: Valkur
 Level Range: 5-20
 Repop Message: The Amusement Park's lights and music fade and then flare to life again. 


The Amusement Park is open and ready for business! Rides, games, and junk food abound, everything you remember from the excitement of childhood! Take an exciting ride on the Ferris Wheel, or smash and crash your way through the bumper cars!


 Have a Rip-Roaring Day at the Amusement Park! (Designer: Citron)

And, for a Super Fun day of Adventure and Excitement, speak with the ticket vendor about a Super Fun Adventure Day at the Park, and see if you can come away with the big prize!

 Level Range         : 5 to 20
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 3


The Amusement Park is more than a quest. It has many fun games to play and things to discover at all levels.


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