The Curse Of The Midnight Fens

 The Curse of the Midnight Fens  (Level 201-201) (Lock 160) (Creator: Calabus)


You stand before a great swamp, spreading out wide over the distance before you. A natural wonder of murk and bog, life and death, and darkness.... It falls over this land unnaturally. Settling on it like a blanket of cold doom. Strange eyes peer out at you from the undergrowth, unafraid of your presence. Warily you step down the narrow muddy path, determined to cross this swamp. After all you are an adventurer, right?

Immediately the darkness closes in all about you and your forced to stop and light a torch. It lights up a small circle about you but can not cut into the darkness at all. Jumping nervously you feel something moving at your feet and glance downward you see a three legged snake scuttling across your boots! Weird, a three legged snake? What sort of place is this?

Carefully continuing onward you find yourself in a darker, more ominous section of the swamp. Completely lost and at your wits ends, you bump into something. Holding your torch close it looks like logs stacked on top of each other. Hmmm, a cabin! Frantically you feel your way around it hoping to find a door. Soon your hands meet empty space and you stumble through the opening and into the cabin.

A sudden feeling of dread overcomes you, and a deep coldness surrounds you. A loud voice booms, 'You can not break the curse, these souls all belong to me!' A heavy presence fills the air, a noise behind you! No! There in front of you! Beside you! You whirl to face the movement but nothing.

'Muhahaha! You silly fool, you can not defeat me! I am the blackness, the shadows, and nothing at all. Beg me for a quick death and join the other cursed beings in my domain!' Drawing your sword you shout a vow to make this fiend bleed before your death. Laughter greets you, and two strange billowy forms that float through the walls of the cabin, glowing softly. One carries a strange blade of shadow while the other clasps its hands together, long claws showing. 'Come, give in to your death and join us brother, the pain will not last...' Swingly wildly your blade meets nothing, a sharp blow caresses your head, and darkness comes swiftly.


There is currently no goal available for this area.



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