Storm Ships Of Lem-Dagor

 Creator: Lumina & Maerchyng
 Level 60-100 (Lock 30)
 Repop Message: A violent storm brews in the Sea of Lem-Dagor.


Long ago, a series of volcanic eruptions created a tiny group of islands in the sea of Lem-Dagor. In time, these islands became rich and fertile, and finally, home to a race of sailing folk. In response to the frequent raids and pillaging attacks of Wave runners and pirates, the island states formed a co-operative known as the Federated Islands of Lem-Dagor (F.I.L.). Protecting their land and interests are the storm cruisers, massive ships powered by the sea wind itself.

The most famous of storm cruisers is The Tempest, commanded by Captain Rory Prosper, an adept sea shaman capable of commanding his ship, the winds and the waves upon which it rides.

Now, The Tempest is facing unprecedented danger from all sides. A concerted attack has taken place, and the ship is overrun with spies, Wave runners and pirates. Worst of all, the sea witch Sycorax, apparently in collusion with the attackers, has sent a pack of possessed dogs and hounds to kill Prosper. Should you find yourself aboard the ship, no doubt you will want to face the challenge of ridding the ship of the intruders andsave Captain Prosper and his crew from the enemies they face.


Defeat the enemies who are bent on the Tempest's annihilation. Blast the bandits, pulverize the pirates, squash the spies, and win the day for the F.I.L.!

 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 85
 Goal Converter      : Phraeaxes


This area is a companion to Prosper Island and they are intertwined. To get to the greater Prosper area, you must pass through Sycorax with the balls or via the Hotele Royale that comes from Prosper itself. However, some parts of Prosper are nested within Lem-Dagor.

This area replaces STTNG.


Runto Lemdagor

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