The Aylorian Academy

The Aylorian Academy is where you land after creation.

 Creator: Lasher
 Level Range: 1-201 (Note: parts of this area are accessible only to those level 10 and under.)
 Repop Messge: (this area does not have a repop message)


The university now offers the following classes to enhance your mudding education.

 * Basic skills
 * Communication
 * Combat
 * Career
 * Health
 * Geography
 * Social Studies
 * Economics
 * Equipment
 * Character Customization


It is highly recommended you complete the Academy. At the end of each class, there is a small quest or quiz which will earn you great equipment, gold, and or quest points.

Completion of the Acadamy will grant you a portal to use to get back to the start of the game, a pin with excellent stats, and a fundraising leaflet you can auction to get some gold coins to help get you started.


As always, if you have trouble with a question or a class, please ask on the newbie channel to flag a Helper or Advisor for help.

Help Academy in game will also bring up ways to restart classes and change the speed of the classes.

Happy Learning!

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Bonus Section - Player Testimonials.

Here are a few pros and cons from players about this area.

  • Justme says - Listen I think this is a great way to learn how to play the game. Aardwolf can be overwhelming even for new players and I think its a great refresher for even experienced mudders.
  • XXX player says - I was an experienced mudder, but it had been awhile. It was a nice way to get back into the game.