War Of The Wizards

 Creator: Calabus
 Level Range: 5-35
 Repop Message: Richard and Virgil are at it again. 


Many years ago hidden in a vale of lush green grass and trees there stood a beautiful white castle. Shining in the morning sun, it made the people of the land rejoice with feelings of warmth and security. The king was a kind man and his treatment of the people and the lands in his domain were reflected by the beauty of the castle. Sadly, the king was not a young man, or a man of good health, and both of these facts were well-known through out the lands. It was also well-known that when he passed away one of his two sons would inherit the kingdom. Richard and Virgil were not bad boys, but they were jealous of the idea that the other might be king and that one of them would be passed over.

In the days nearing the king's death, he fell into a deep sleep from which he was never able to recover, even long enough to name his successor. This was the beginning of many problems that eventually led to the downfall of the kingdom. The sons could neither concede the kingship to other even for the sake of the people, and they soon began to develop hateful, hurtful feelings for one another.

A demon, drawn to the loathing and want of greedy men, came to the kingdom and there approached both with the promise of powerful magic that they could each use to defeat the other. In no time at all most of the castle was destroyed, as well as the lands surrounding where it stood, and the people were all either killed or driven from the lands. To this day the lands are considered cursed and shunned by travelers and homesteaders alike and a common warning is shared by all who know the lands. Beware the vale for it has become the War of the Wizards.


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