The Trouble With Gwillimberry

 Creator: Lumina (original layout by Kalince)
 Level Range: 190-201 (Lock: 185)
 Repop Message: A plague descends upon Gwillimberry, bringing chaos and deconstruction!


There was never a town more staid, stolid and stationary than the town of Gwillimberry (where the welcoming signpost states 'Welcome to Gwillimberry, where Life Stands Still!). Life standing still, as you can imagine, can be quite dull, but for the Gwillimberries, nothing is more desirable than to maintain the present as it was in the past and as it should, in the future, continue to be.

The greatest pride of the Gwillimberries, other than their complete lack of imagination, is their Botanical Gardens, located at the edge of town, on the property of Squire Bramblewhipper of Gwillimberry Hall. There, beauty is sameness, uniqueness to be plucked and ground under heel. Perfection is exemplified by row after row of roses, each fist sized at full bloom, thornless and barely emitting the smallest iota of uniqueness in color, size or scent. However, a terrible tragedy has struck! The town is infested by vermin that threaten not just the botanical garden, but the very livelihood of the citizens of Gwillimberry. Is there a way to get rid of the pestilence and bring back the predictable sameness that all Gwillimberries cherish?


Vermin of an unexpected kind have infested Gwillimberry, destroying the botanical gardens and threatening the livelihoods of the Gwillimberries.

             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 201
Goal Converter : Lumina


The area quest for Gwillimberry is available within and outside the goal. To begin the goal, hear what the head gardener has to say!

This area replaced Shadar Logoth on November 26, 2010.


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