The Grand City Of Aylor


Aylor is our home city. When you recall, it is where you start. There are many useful shops in Aylor.

To find your way around Aylor, you may use the find command (while in the area, of course), which will give you directions to certain places from the room you are currently in. Find All will list crucial areas of the city you may use the find command to discover, which include but are not limited to the open clan halls, armor, food, or potions shops, the florist, questor, as well as the lottery headquarters.

The Runto command starts in Aylor. When you recall and need to explore an area outside of the Grand City, simply type Runto Areaname, ie runto verume to get the the Jungles of Verume.

Make sure you have a boat in your inventory or have the ability to fly so you don't get stuck along the way!

Maps / Locations of Interest

[To access the list below, type 'find all' while within Aylor]

 Armory:       Gueldar's Armory
 Bakery:       The Aylorian Eatery
 Bank:         The Aylorian Bank of Ivar   
Blackjack: Ivar's Casino - multiple dealers
Blacksmith: Blacksmith - Keep and Bond Items
Boats: Adventurer's Travel Company - Buy boats and canoes
Campaign: Commander Barcett's Campaign Room
Catering: Gourmet Food Delivery
Chapel: Aylor chapel - marriage etc
Cleric: Cleric Guild
Damage: Forge - Modify Weapon Damage Type
Elemental: Elemental - Modify Items Weight
Enchanter: Enchanter - Modify Weapon Flags
Fido: Gno-Go Express, send items to others
Flowers: Send Flowers to others, include a message
Forge: Forge - Modify Weapon Types
Groceries: Grizrol's Grocery Store
Identify: Identify items, for a price
Library: Bookworm's Haven - Guides
Lottery: Aardwolf Lottery HQ - Buy Lottery Tickets
Mage: Mage Guild
Paladin: Paladin Guild
Pets: Pets - Adopt a companion
Potions: Aeleron's Alchemy Supplies - buy potions
Psi: Psi Guild
Questor: Main questmaster in Aylor
Ranger: Ranger Guild
Ravi: Ravi Enterprises - Trivia spend location
Recall: The Grand City of Aylor
Remodel: Remodeling - Set flags on items
Remort: Remort / Retier Chamber
Scrolls: Mayvor's Mystic Mastery - buy scrolls and wands
Ivar: Ivar's Pub, hang out and chat.
Thearena: Aylor Arena - settle your differences the old way
Thief: Thief Guild
Warrior: Warrior Guild
Weapons: Xena's Weapon Parlor
Wishes: Vira's wish repository