The Great City Of Knossos

 Creator: Furdael
 Level Range: 60-80 (Lock: 33)
 Repop Message: The hair on your neck rises as you hear the great minotaur awaken! 


A loud roar suddenly rips apart the dark and cold night air. You awake from your make shift bunker just in time to watch a young villager come running up to you with fear in his eyes. 'HE FED MY BROTHER TO THE MINOTAUR!! HE HAS GONE MAD!' is what the man screams at the top of his lungs at you. You ask calmly 'Who has gone mad and what is a minotaur?' The man eyes you suspiciously and suddenly stands up and tries to run away, but you are to fast for him. You grab him by the ankle and wrestle him down. Threatening him, you whisper 'Tell me now! Or else'

The man only says 4 words. 'Do not Trust Anyone'

The man finally breaks lose from you, and after hours of pondering to yourself, you finally pass out.


The king's sickness is a manifestation of his worrying mind. He fears that his son has been slain by the Athenians. Androgeus left long ago to partake in the Athenian games, and has yet to return. Help Mino discover the truth, and perhaps his mind will be calmed, or worse...

             Level Range         : 60 to 80
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal recommended at : Level 80



Runto Knossos

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