The Empire Of Aiighialla

 AreaName  (Level 140-180) (Lock 100) (Creator: Watfish) (Edited by: Cordelia & Sagen)


If you are one looking for great power, travel to the rift of Ziminiar. Walk the Imperial road and seek out a wise assemblyman in the city of Bandraoi.


Travel to the four great houses within the world of Ziminiar. Retrieve from them each, their family's most prized ancient relics. Continue on and unlock the mysteries that endure inside the Tower of Testing. Once you have conquered your greatest fears, only then, can you prove yourself worthy enough to adorn the black robes of a Denali, of Aiighialla.

             Level range         : 140 to 180
             Goal Difficulty     : Easy
             Goal Recommended at : Level 140



Runto Empire

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