Insanitaria  (Level 95-115) (Lock 50) (Creator: Oladon)


"We wanted to help the mentally afflicted. Together with
that amazing wizard, Salin Sutrovld, we built it, and he put
magic into its foundations. Somehow, he made it seem alive...
You walked in, and you knew you were somewhere friendly,
somewhere you'd find healing and peace." The creature
stops speaking and looks up, and you blink.

It's like no creature you've ever before seen - dark, round eyes
stare at you knowingly from a face that just has two holes for
nostrils. Its eyes move past, and it gazes off into the distance,
absently raising its glass to its mouth.

After a moment, it continues. "We were happy, doing what we
wanted to do. Centaurs, Halflings, Elves, Dwarves, and other
folk would come, and then leave well. Not all left quickly, some
needed more treatment... but we helped them."

You whisper, "What's that thing?"

"Nispeung" comes the near-silent reply from your neighbor,
"and they hear very well."

"Yes, we hear well." says the... Nispeung? "But it didn't save us.
None of us expected it. They came in our sleep, and I haven't seen
any of my brothers since. We fear..." - it shudders slightly, as if
trying to supress tears - "Salin couldn't save us, and we don't know
what happened to him. Very few escaped. I'm probably the only
one alive to ask for help."

Area added June 5, 2007.


 Help the Nispeung rebuild their dream. (Designer: Oladon)

Many years ago, an asylum was opened for all who were afflicted of mind or\\ body. The Nispeung, together with a very famous wizard named Salin Sutrovld,\\ forsook their nomadic lifestyle and settled in the wilderness to help those
in need of their care.
No one was awake when the Order came... and few survived the night. Their
leader, Seb Ligalt, wrought havoc and chaos to surpass the most terrifying\\ tales of evil. They killed many, and the rest they imprisoned or enchanted\\ to use in their pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

             Area Level Range    : 95 to 115
             Goal Difficulty     : Hard
             Goal Recommended at : 115
             Goal Minimum Level  : 50



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