Artificers Mayhem

 Creator: Korridel
 Level range: Level 180-201 (Lock 140)
 Repop message: The lifeless artifacts on the floor rise and ravage the castle again.


The castle of Fal'Shara was a quiet and happy place. Then suddenly artifacts began stirring. Filled with a life of their own, they overran the castle and filled the residents with fear for their lives. Then the princess disappeared, further creating panic.


Now the King and Queen are searching for a champion, but so far the champions have been lacking. Will you be that champion?

 Level Range             : 180 to 201
 Goal Difficulty         : Easy
 Goal Recommended Level  : 200
 Goal Converter          : Domain


Area added: 5th May 2002
Goal added: 21st Aug 2011


Runto Mayhem

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