The Yurgach Domain

 Creator: Kali
 Level Range: 50-100 (Lock: 24)
 Repop Message: The Yurgach gather their armies and repopulate the dungeons. 


Sylciri, the leader of the Light in Yurgach Domain is ready to take revenge against the Yurgach Lord! But, this task may not be as easy as one might think. A few days ago, the ground rumbled at Yurgach Domain, and things were different. Sylciri is not sure what happened or what changed, but we can only assume it was not good. At the end of your journey, you will know exactly what changed.

That is, if you make it out alive.


On Sept 17 2014, the vnums for Jenny's Tavern and Yurgach Domain were cleanly separated.


Runto Yurgach

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