Realm Of The Firebird

 Creator: Lumina Timeghost
 Level Range: 80-110
 Repop Message: The Mists settle and new travellers come to the realm.



High above the tsarist fertile lands, a small blotch of gold and red streaks across the skies. Meanwhile, Tzar Vislav and his adviser are deep in discussion, trying to determine who or what might possibly be stealing apples from the castle orchard.

Surely in a land of petty despots, there must be more to be concerned about than the theft of fruit! To find out, head on up to Tzar Vislav's domain. The answer begins with the Tzar's question, "Who or what is stealing my apples!"

 Level Range         : 80-110
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 100
 Goal Converter      : Lumina
 Area Author         : Lumina* 
  • This area is based on the original design by Dahr & Zane (Falcovnia).



Runto Firebird

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