Desert Doom

 Desert Doom  (Level 135-150) (Lock 115) (Creator: Windu & Marauder)


The grey begins to fade,
As colour creeps from leaf to limb.
The light is slowly seeping up,
From beneath the earth's curved rim.

The sky blue strengthens slowly,
Glazed with hues of orange and red.
Slowly as the earth revolves,
The sun lifts up it's head.

And shapes begin to unveil.
The trees and flowers separate,
With the dawn light rosy and pale.

The sun climbs higher in the sky.
It's light shimmering and warm.
All things now are clearly seen.
A new day has been born.

[Jacqui Thornton]

-.Forever Along the Horizon.-
Area added December 5, 2003.


Desert Doom is a dusty barren place full of warring tribes. These tribes are the sons of Ajid, the once-peaceful ruler of this realm. Do you think you have what it takes to restore peace to this war-torn arid place? Seek out Tryk, the collector of spirits to test your skills.

             Level Range           : 135 to 150
             Goal Difficulty       : Easy
             Recommended Goal Level: Level 140



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