The Amazon Nation

 Creator : Philondra
 Level Range : 120 - 201 (Lock 100)
 Repop Message : An amazon warcry resounds throughout the nation, signaling a new dawn.


Long ago, the Amazon nation was at war with the centaurs. The three greatest Amazons stood side by side in the battle. Solari wielded the time staff in combat at Queen Melosa's side. By brandishing the artifact, Solari was able to stop time for a moment. Then Jules focused the power of the aqua mirror onto the attacking centaurs. The attack damaged the creatures, and Queen Melosa used the time to throw the pearl of wisdom high into the air. A searing white light filled the battlefield, and when it subsided, their enemies were gone; but so were the Amazon's greatest artifacts.


Years have passed and the artifacts remain missing. The Amazon nation still searches for these items to help their nation grow in strength. Will you help them recover their missing artifacts?

 Level Range         : 120 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : 201
 Goal Min Level      : 180
 Goal Converter      : Cordelia & Domain


Area added Aug 22, 1997.


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