Mount Du Noir

 Creator: Zafirah
 Level Range: 175-201 (Lock: 160)
 Repop Message: Pure evil passes over you as Bhazhat reaches out from his prison.



The evil and powerful mage, Bhazhat, from his prison, collects and resurrects minions of evil in an attempt to escape from his centuries of imprisonment and rule the world. Can Cheoj, and his allies prevent such an event from happening? Can you help them before it is too late?

 Level Range           : 200+
 Goal Difficulty       : Difficult           
 Goal Recommended at   : 201
 Goal Converter        : Paramore & Zafirah
 Author                : Zafirah (layout by Venger)

This area replaced Shayol Ghul.


Shayol Ghul was redone on Jun 5, 2010 as Mount duNoir.


runto dunoir

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