Sea Kings Dominion

 Sea King's Dominion (Level 201-201) (Lock 201) (Creator: Citron)



 Somewhere beneath the sea lies a place which exists both within and above the
 cantankerous waters of Andolor's oceans. Somewhere upon a dreary shore lies a
 path which leads to a castle which is home to a fable. Somewhere within the 
 Grey Halls, buried within a mountain of treasures, the wailing cries of a 
 temper tantrum shakes loose and awakens those long lost to the waves.
 Somewhere, out on the blue horizon, lies the Sea King's Dominion.

 Difficulty       : Very Hard           
 Recommended Level: 201
 Minimum Level    : 201
 Maximum Level    : 201


 This is a very high level and challenging goal which requires 2-3 rather
 powerful players at the superhero level to complete.


  • Find the withered old man.

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