Creator: Schizo & Cera
 Level Range: 90-110 (Lock: 70)
 Repop Message: A calm passes over the city as Mt. Vesuvius rests once again.


Looking for the perfect location for your next Vacation? Look no farther than the exotic resort town of Pompeii!

One of the loveliest areas in all of Aardwolf, it is nestled in the Italian country side beneath the splendor of Mt. Vesuvius. Pompeii offers all the beauty of a seaside resort, all the comforts of a country retreat, all the splendor of the Palace of Caesar, and all the pleasures of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Come rest in the cooling breezes falling down from the mountainside. Relax in the crystal clear waters of the sea. Visit with the gladiators of old, with tales of battle and glory. Find exotic companionship, and take refuge in the one of Pompeii's luxurious bath houses.

Come spend some time with us and make memories that will last a lifetime. The vacation that you will never forget!

And remember .. 'What happens in Pompeii, stays in Pompeii!'


A concerned citizen has interrupted your fabulous vacation worrying about Pliny's state of mind after the last eruption of Vesuvius. Apparently he has not been able to find his father since then.

You have helped Pliny find his father all while saving Pompeii from Mt. Vesuvius!

 Difficulty         : Easy                
 Recommended Level  : 100
 Minimum Level      :  90
 Maximum Level      : 201



Runto Pompeii

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