The Call Of Heroes

 Creator: Rezit
 Level Range: 1-15
 Repop Message: Another Legionnaire has been slain! Who will answer the call???!?!!



Return Mystlin Ilvathorn's items from the Call of Heroes.
When Ivar was really young, he adventured out into the world to visit all that he could see. On one of these journeys, he met a beautiful lass named Mystlin Ilvathorn. They fell in love, and he brought her back to Aylor to live out the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, in one of the various wars that Ivar caused throughout the years, Mystlin finally betrayed Ivar. Awash with misery, Ivar used all of his powers to lock Mystlin forever into a prison, from which she could never escape. Mystlin Ilvathorn now sits inside her makeshift prison in the Call of Heroes, spreading chaos in the battlefields of mortals.

Visit Mystlin Ilvathorn and listen to her story, then decide if she can be trusted enough to help.

 Level Range           : 1 to 15
 Goal Difficulty       : Medium
 Recommended Goal Level: 15


The items retrieved from Mystlin Ilvathorn may also be available at other times, regardless of whether or not you are completing her goal.

Area added Sep 16, 2007.


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