The Partroxis

 Partroxis (Level 180-201) (Lock 150) Lumina (Original concept by SonRokito)


Unless you have fortitude, tenacity and a will to survive, stay away from The Partroxis! If, on the other hand, you have all of those qualities and more, say yes to Gidion, and proceed at your own risk.


Grax seeks knowledge of the Warloxan, mortal enemies of his people, the Cheryb. He asks that you venture forth and bring him proofs of the Warloxan from each world leading from the Partroxis. For a reminder of your quest, return to Grax and say 'quest'. Or at any point during your quest, type 'goals partroxis'.

 Visit the worlds leading from the Partroxis and bring back proof (Designer: Lumina)

             Level range           : 180 to 201
             Goal Difficulty       : Difficult
             Recommended Goal Level: 201

Area added June 22, 2001 as The Death Gate, revised August, 2010).



Runto partroxis

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