The Blood Opal of Rauko'ra

 Creator: Lumina Vesse & Galadriel
 Level Range: 125-201 (Lock: 100)
 Repop Message: The walls of the Citadel tremble from the roar of the werewolves within.


A small team of adventurers has followed a trail of clues seeking a treasure of antiquity - the Blood Opal of Banderios. It is said that the opal was stolen many eons ago by the vampire king, Rauko'ra the Thirsty and is hidden somewhere in his ancient fortress, the Citadel of Lost Souls. Of the three, the oldest and wisest has traveled the longest continents, following clues to this; the end of his journey. Too old to fight the evil within, he has sent his companions Darien and Ungold to find the gem and bring it out. But they are only two against an army of fiends! How will they succeed?


An old adventurer seeks the Blood Opal of Banderios, which has fallen into the hands of Rauko'ra, lord of the Citadel of Lost Souls. Your task is to retrieve the opal and turn it in for your reward.

  Goal Difficulty     : Medium
  Goal recommended at : Level 170
  Goal Min Level      : Level 115
  Goal Authors        : Lumina*
  Goal Converter      : Domain

  *Original layout and descriptions by Galadriel and Vesse.


This area replaced The Fortress of Angband on Jan 24, 2013.


Runto raukora

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