Masquerade Island

 Masquerade Island  (Level 100-130) (Lock 80) (Creators: Ikyu & Halo)



 Help Nassah find the culprit(s) behind the loot (Designers: Ikyu & Halo)

On a privately owned island, surrounded by shark-infested waters, a party has been organized. However it is not just any party, it is a Masquerade Ball. The owner of the island, Lord Nassah, has invited everyone to attend his Ball. From the smallest sprite, to the tallest giant, no one is excluded from this Ball.

The only challenge you have to overcome is to venture across the seas as he did not reveal the location of the island.

The rumor floats in the air that the island is not so safe lately. Are you brave enough to still attend the Ball? Can you solve the mysteries that roam this island?

             Level Range         : 100-130
             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal recommended at : 120

Area added on Feb 9th 2008.



Runto Masquerade

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