Realm Of Deneria

 Creator: Korridel
 Level Range: 60-85
 Repop Message: The wind blows, and life renews in the Realm of Deneria.



 Rid the Realm of Deneria of their evil once and for all. (Designer: Korridel)

The small province of Deneria, was founded by settlers from the royal state of Fal'Shara. Many years ago, they left their previous home to avoid the invasion of the Artificiers. They finally found a nice place to settle, and the realm of Deneria was born. After some time had passed, many things popped up: The church of Miad'Bir, the druids to the south, and the secretive order of the Nuril. It was shortly after Ceol came into power that strange things started happening. People were dying, many violent creatures (such as kobolds, orcs and goblins) had invaded the forests, and an amethyst dragon moving in. Things weren't right, and suspicion was laid on Ceol.

             Level Range         : 60 to 85
             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal recommended at : Level 80
             Goal Converter      : Korridel
             Area Author         : Korridel




Runto Deneria

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