The Tournament Of Illoria

 Level Range      :Level 70-90 (Lock 40)
 Area Author      : Rayna
 Repop message    : The trumpets sound, and everyone runs off to see the knights' tournament.


The sun rises over the quiet west.
The beginning and start of a brand new day,
The crowds come to here from all around,
for the Tournament of Illoria is underway.

Oh, what sights to see and to behold!
The battling of knights so strong and brave,
is sure to be a spectacle indeed,
So, who's a champion and who is a knave?

And yet, not all is happy and merry,
For there are rumors one may hear,
The notion of some knights going bad
and making mischief has reached my ear.

But fret not child, 'tis not to worry,
Don't think on it, don't look down!
Surely nothing bad will happen...
For you see, they hired troll guards from a nearby town.

So, venture you forth to the grandest of fairs,
Watch the knights battle for all the glory!
In my heart of hearts, I hope to see you there.
Come, play your part in this story.


The fairgrounds of Illoria are abuzz with excitement as knights of great renown gather to compete for greater fame and glory. But this time, the gossip from the punters has a darker undertone to it than usual - rumour has it that one of the knights has gone rogue and is plotting mischief. Meanwhile, an elf wanders the stands mumbling something about a lost ring... Will you be the one to get to the bottom of these mysteries?

 Difficulty          : Difficult           
 Recommended Level   :  90
 Minimum Level       :  60
 Goal Converter      : Elvendar


Area added May 8, 2004.


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