Imperial Nation

 Creator: Orcwarrior
 Level Range: 65-201 (Lock: 20)
 Repop Message: Screams cry out as the experiments start again in the Imperial Nation.



The Imperial Nation is ruled by Emperor Paliste. He maintains his rule with the help of the Seven and the creations of the Mad Scientist. Under his tyranical rule, pain and suffering have become a way of life . Now a rebellion has formed. Are you willing to help overthrow the Imperial Nation, and bring peace back to the lands?

 Level Range         : 65 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 201
 Goal Converter      : Domain
 Area Author         : Domain (layout by Orcwarrior)


 Area added May 27, 2009. Replaces Star Wars (Orcwarrior).


Runto Vidblain

   - Located in the northeastern part of the zone. Type 'bigmap' for a better perspective.

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