The Labyrinth

 Creator: Valkur
 Level Range: 30-60 (Lock: 15)
 Repop Message: You hear the Queen's echoing cackle gloating over your predicament. 



 Quest to free Yelsem. (Designer: Lumina)

Dangerous liaisons, riddles and the malicious machinations of a paranoid queen await you in the Labyrinth. Will you find a way to help the star-crossed lovers escape the labyrinthine prison of Dharivian, or will you betray their trust to the Queen?

             Level range         : 30 to 60
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal Recommended at : Level 40

Area added April 27, 2003.


Goal Notes: After completion of the goal, it will still be possible to obtain a portal via another route, but the player must be level 60 or less in order to do so.


Runto Labyrinth

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