The Archipelago Of Entropy

 Creator: Gastro & Dras
 Level 120-150 (Lock 90)
 Repop Message: A drop of water falls from a rusty faucet and plops into a basin... 


West of Abend, jutting from a jealous sea, a group of islands subsist in relative solitude. Although once a place of industry and innovation, the islands are now subject to a sinister presence that saps the force of the inhabitants, draining them of pith, panache, and even prospects of salvation. The occasional adventurer may find the several races that dwell here easy marks, for a while. But caution must be observed, or the newcomer may soon find herself as enervated as those she preys upon. It is rumored that a kernel of animation and vivacity abides, and that abundance, or death, awaits those who solve the mystery of this arduous archipelago.


There currently is no goal available for this area.


Area added Dec 8, 2006.


Runto Entropy

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