Snuckles Village

 Snuckles Village  (Level 80-100) (Lock 65) (Creators: Halo & Ikyu)


On a cloudless night, a full moon hung majestically in the sky illuminating Aardwolf. The northern winds blew cold through the realm forcing many adventurers into their homes. As dawn approached, the ground began to tremble as magic took hold of the land. Maps began to magically recreate, memories were altered and roads were formed. As the magic trembling stopped, it was as if nothing happened. Only, it wasn't nothing.

A new forest came to be that night. It is almost as if the forest was ripped out of its existing realm and was neatly tucked away off the trail. It is a very colorful forest where each tree has leaves of its own color, each different from the next. The forest is inhabited by faeries who keep the forest colorful, full of growth and fight to keep the forest alive. The forest is also inhabited by some strange creatures new to the realm of Aardwolf. The creatures are yellow in color, medium in size and appear to be very curious.

Stories ring through the land of this new forest and the creatures that live there. It seems the creatures were ran out of their old land by wolves. Unfortunately the wolves followed them and are now also roaming the forest causing havoc and dismay. Rumor has it an evil wizard has control of the wolves...

Can you be the one to bring peace and order back to the forest?

Area added on Nov 11th 2005.


 Help Shay restore peace to the forest. (Designers: Halo & Ikyu)
             Level Range         : 80-100 
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal recommended at : 95 
             Goal Min Level      : 80
             Goal Max Level      : 100



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