Yggdrasil The World Tree

 Yggdrasil: The World Tree (Level 180-201) (Lock 150) (Creators: Vokial & Ishkur)



 Overcome Destiny and save Yggdrasil. (Designer: Ariel)

Long have the gods of Aegir planned for the final battle and defeat; their Ragnarok. Not everyone is willing to give up. Even if Ragnarok is coming and can't be avoided, perhaps there is still something to be done. It may be the Destiny of Yggdrasil to suffer defeat with the gods, but there are some people who have an idea or two. Join forces with them and postphone Ragnarok.

It won't be easy, but there's likely to be great rewards to be found.

             Level Range         : 180 to 201
             Goal Difficulty     : Very hard
             Goal recommended at : Level 201

Area added July 29, 2001.



Runto Ygg

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