The Cougarian Queendom

 The Cougarian Queendom  (Level 140-160) (Lock 100) (Creator: Whitdjinn)


Roaring in the distance startles you, as your feet take you deeper into this once familiar jungle. You look around and see nothing but the dense foliage. Sweat pours from your body as the sweltering heat starts to get to you...Just a little rest will do. You lean your head back on a rock which has miraculously maintained some kind of coolness and drift off...

You awaken to find yourself among a strange race of people. The creatures look like they'd be better suited in a litter box, not standing upright engaged in the daily business of this city! A human turns to you with a soft smile and begins to speak, "Welcome to the land of Cougaria, home of the people of Cowlina, our queen."

You shake your head to regain your focus, manage a weak smile at the woman, and check your pack to make sure you're still armed. The woman gestures to the cat-like creatures that fill the room " These gentles are fighting a great civil war, and have been ever since Cowlina, the queen outlawed the use of Magic. Those that remain have adapted to this new lifestyle, most of them being sent back decades into the brutal dark ages of the land. Others have defected to Bengaleen, the other region of our nation, who still maintain a strong balance of magic use and melee combat."

A thought comes to your mind as you try to process the information. If I have been brought to this land barren of mana, why have I been allowed to keep mine?

The woman hands you a beaten and ragged book, "This will help you on your way...May Ayla always shine on your path, and bring you the fortune you deserve." She winks, and turns away, busying herself with other work among the felines.

Could it be, that she's from Aylor too? An ally among these strangers? Who's side do they think I'm on anyway? You decide that thoughts like this would be better pondered outside these walls. You collect your things and venture out into the market where you catch several threatening looks, a few stifled grins, but everyone has their eyes on you.


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