Xyls Mosaic

 Level Range         : 100 to 120
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : 120
 Goal Converter      : Carissa 
 Area Author         : Gastro & Carissa


There are those who slowly wither away when outcast from their community. There are those who elaborate an alternative. Among the bleak crags of a dark and forgotten land, one such alternative is said to exist. An alchemist of exceptional powers is said to have created a living artifact, an enigmatic habitat, that contains, some say incarcerates, an intricate array of eccentrics and abominations. It is also said that anyone able to unlock the structure of this artificial land may gain an envelope of egress.

Area added July 7, 2007.


Unlock the structure of the land of Xyl's Mosaic and seek out the mysterious alchemist who had created this land in order to obtain a reward which could assist you in your travel.



Runto Xyl

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