Island Of Lost Time

 Island of Lost Time  (Level 80-110) (Lock 50) (Creators: Terrill & Citron)


Tired of the humdrum of everyday life? Bored with your job, tired of your boss, sick of your co-workers? Maybe it's time for a vacation, and what better place than the paradise of the Island of Lost Time. Beautiful jungles, friendly natives, and pristine lakes beckon you on the vacation of a lifetime!

Area added January 20, 2002.


There's just one problem- T-Rex has gone insane. All day long, he stomps and swears and bellows. At night, it's even worse. Fred the Bartender is very concerned about the effect this will have on the tourist industry and is counting on you to help!

             Level Range           : 80 to 110
             Goal Difficulty       : Medium
             Recommended Goal Level: 90



Runto Losttime

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