Land Of Legend

 Creator: Morrigu
 Level Range: 1-20
 Repop Message: Allllllllll aboooooooooooard!


All aboard!

2005, Disassociated Press -- Aylor

According to a recent press release, the Aylorian City Council will celebrate the grand opening of a new rail station serving Aylor and points west. The station, which will be located just east of the city, is expected to serve thousands of commuters each week. The station has been in limited service for several weeks.

However, there are early reports that train service is less than satisfactory, with the only stops being made in obscure locations in a young land. Travelers have reported crazed cowboys, giant catfish, and a blue ox. There have also been questions about the wisdom of round-trip service on a train line with only one set of tracks. Officials have insisted that the system in place would prevent any accidents, and have promised a completely safe ride.

The announcement came at a difficult time for the Council, which has been grappling with complaints about the desertification near the eastern edge of the city. Travelers have been complaining about encroaching coyotes, snakes, and nomadic tribesmen. There have even been reported outbreaks of rabies, though the council has insisted that this was merely a rumor.

In an effort to improve the rapidly deteriorating situation, and to reduce the incidents of lost travelers, the Council enlisted the aid of a powerful sorcerer. Events reportedly went rapidly downhill from then.

According to eyewitness reports, this wizard had just consumed several bottles of Aylorian Rum, and managed to misplace the entire region previously affected by arid conditions. The council refused to comment pending an investigation.


 Return four apples to Johnny Appleseed. (Designer: Lasher)

Visit the 4 parts of Lands of Legend: Maine, Mississippi, Texas and West Virginia and find the apple in each area. Once you have all 4 apples, visit Johnny Appleseed and say "apples" to collect your reward.

             Difficulty       : Easy                
             Recommended Level:   5


Interesting note, this is the first area that was fully converted to Lua. Read 'Help lua' for details.


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