Gilda And The Dragon

 Gilda and the Dragon  (Level 120-140) (Lock 80) (Creator: Citron)



The King of the Western Forest needs your help! His daughter, Gilda, has been kidnapped by a foul and brutal dragon, who holds her up in his mountainous caverns. Sir Lauren has been dispatched to rescue her, but it's looking grim for our hero.

Or has she been kidnapped? The evidence isn't quite so clear when you really look into it, so it's up to you - you can help the King by returning his beloved daughter to her family, or you can help Gilda by shutting up that whiny Sir Lauren for good. It's your choice.

             Level Range           : 120 to 140
             Goal Difficulty       : Medium
             Recommended Goal Level: 130

Area added May 7, 1999.


There are two paths to this goal and only one can be complete. Make sure you choose wisely.


Runto Gilda

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