The Marshlands Of Agroth

 The Marshlands of Agroth  (Level 105-125) (Lock 60) (Creators: Pursia & Falkon)


While enjoying a drink at a local Inn, you and several other patrons listened to the recent news from the cityguards who had just come from the watch at the gates...

"It's like I said," a grizzled sergeant said, his gravely voice carrying through the common room, "that stout Dwarven foreman and his loggers came runnin' up to the gates as if they had the council of the Dark Eight on their heels, shouting somethin' about an eerie song, ratling bandits, and ferocious Lizardmen barbarians."

A murmur from the crowd interrupted the sergeant briefly, as a few citizens recounted a robbery in the estates earlier in the week by a group of ratlings. They had gotten away with a noble's jewels, but he would not be needing them now anyways, being dead and all. "Naturally, that seemed to explain why most of the band of loggers wore bandages, but we're fighting men, and that song sounds too close to magic for my taste." The sergeant glowered at a number of robed figures sipping wine at a table in the corner of the room. "My men and I don't go in for that nonsense, and my captain told me to let all you adventuring types know of this place." Again, the sergeant frowned, this time in annoyance. "Unfortunately, the only real information I have is that the attack on the loggers was somewhere near the great trees in the realm. The loggers were clearing land in a forest full of great trees, and they came upon marshy ground. The giant in their group, while chasing the rodent scum off chopped his way into what appeared to be an undiscovered marsh. My men and I didn't see this giant, and the leader said he was lost in the final moments of the fight. That foreman and his men ran at the sight greeting them, I guess, or maybe that song."

The crowd murmured again as the sergeant of the guards continued to complain about the complete lack of direction and information coming into the guard these days when people found dangers in the land. An old Elf with the mages sipping wine was overheard to mention that one of their guild members had taken an escort of hunters and gone to look for the place that she had scried while looking for a new land from which to gather spell components.

"I believe she mentioned the great trees as well, also something about a haunted cathedral. She could be in great danger if there are bandits and barbarians in the area. Her escort was not large." Upon hearing this, several adventurers rose and moved toward the door.

"One last thing," the sergeant of the cityguards said, barring the way to the door. "I wouldn't go tryin' to find the group of loggers. They finished their report, such as it was to us, then they ran, as hard as they could for the Dwarven Kingdom, and I heard them all vowing to drown all memory of logging and anythin' havin' to do with rats and lizards in as many barrels of ale as they could get their hands on. We all know what that Dwarven ale will do to a person, even a Dwarf."


Help Baya, the Marsh Witch, recover her book of flesh magic. Having accepted Baya's quest to recover her book of flesh magic, you will need to perform several tasks, and recover the flesh of several villains for her to work her magic and give you the reward you will have earned.

  Difficulty       : Medium              
  Recommended Level: 125



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