Nanjiki Ruins

 Nanjiki Ruins (Level 140-160) (Lock 110) (Creator: Kahr)

Area added August 12, 2002.


Deep in the heart of the Amazonian rain forest lies an ancient ruin, ravaged by the winds of time. It is said that a once powerful race dwelled there, before some event felled their civilisation and regressed its members to a much more primitive form. Not much is known about when or why - some say a spell gone catastrophically wrong, others theorize a virulent plague.

One thing is for sure though, rumours are starting to spread about endless riches and treasures found hidden in the ruins, and the explorers and looters have started to flock in search of the ancient civilisation's wonders. Not much is to be found above the surface, but some have dared to venture beneath, where strange creatures teem.

Might you be the one with the luck and pluck, to discover the secrets untold?


Uncover the ruin's secrets

Deep in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest lies an ancient ruin, filled with strange remnant life forms of a degenerated civilisation. It is said they once possessed the power to create wondrous artifacts, though few have ever found any in the heavily plundered ruin.

Goal Difficulty:Medium
Goal Recommended at:Level 160
Goal Converter:Redryn



Runto Nanjiki

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