The Witches Of Omen Tor

 Creator: Lumina & Darlatan
 Level Range: 160-201
 Repop Message: The Great Mother weeps for the children of Omen Tor.



Four witches rule the land of Omen Tor. They are sisters, born of the same omnipotent mother, Aethel, who released them upon the world at the beginning of time. Omen Tor is a land of many facets, influenced by each of the witches in ways that go far deeper than anyone can imagine.

When threatened by the outside world, the witches bond together in allegiance to their land and people. But when outside threats diminish, the sisters resume their constant squabbling over their lands, their children and their men. Family dysfunction in Omen Tor is on a grand, magical scale!

 Level Range         : 160 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Converter      : Lumina 
 Area Author         : Lumina (original layout by Darlatan)

Note: This area replaces Dune.



Look for the Zenith Trail in Vidblain. Coords 11,8.

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