The Goblin Fortress

 Creator: Calabus
 Level Range: 60-80 (Lock: 30)
 Repop Message: The sound of a thousand goblins cripples you with fear. 


Up ahead you hear some hammering and see the city's official employment advisor busy hanging a new poster. Noticing the lint in your pockets you rush up to see what's available.

Hear ye, hear ye!

The goblin king, Krelagash, has fallen on hard times and is looking to recruit new advisors to help pull his kingdom out of the present slump. Any able bodied adventurer looking for a job is hereby implored to apply. Requirements include a witty disposition, a thorough knowledge of warfare and battle tactics, and a weak sense of smell (for your sake). Rewards include the usual benefits of closeness to royalty, entailing but not limited to: fame, riches, and self-satisfaction.

Serve the king faithfully and you shall go down in the books of history, forever remembered a hero! Not to mention heroes are often attacked by hawt chixors and/or studly barbarians clad in scanty loin cloths. So go forth and be a hero!

(DISCLAIMER: not all heros are stalked by sexy worshippers)


 Become an esteemed aide to the goblin throne.

 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 70
 Goal Converter      : Paramore
 Area Author         : Calabus

The workings of the goblin kingdom have come to a sputtering halt. Its workers live in fear of the blood-spiders when they have to leave the fortress walls, their war-plans on Aylor are unrealized, and their king can't even find his own longsword. They need outside help if they hope to return to their former levels of infamy!


Area added Nov 9, 2003.


Runto Fortress

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