The Glamdursil

 Creator: Ragnar Lumina
 Level Range: 170-201 (Lock: 140)
 Repop Message: More are seeking the shards of the Glamdursil.



The legendary Glamdursil was broken and scattered through the sundered lands decades past. Many have sought the shards of the Glamdursil, in hopes of harnessing its full power, but all have failed. It is said that only Ceontario knows how to fuse the shards and revive its powers, but even he, with all his minions of the underworld at his disposal, has failed to find all the pieces of the Glamdursil.

 Area Level Range    : 170 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : difficult
 Goal Recommended at : 190
 Goal Minimum Level  : 140
 Goal Converter      : Lumina
 Area Author         : Ragnar-revised by Lumina

Area replaces Soulblade (added May, 1997, revised September, 2010).



runto glamdursil

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