Oradrins Chosen

 Oradrin's Chosen  (Level 200-201) (Lock 201) (Creator: Vilgan)


The first, the supreme, the almighty ones. Such are the names for the gods who came before. Their own names have been lost in the tides of time they departed from long ago. Their last conflict destroyed entire worlds as the energies lashed back and forth. For now they do not fight each other, for another such conflict could destroy the very fabric of reality. Instead they bestow powers upon their followers to serve in their master's name. They are honor bound to protect their lord's mortal court.

WARNING: This area was built as a challenge area for a band of tiers. Enter at your own Risk. Monsters may be tougher than they appear.


 Hero, do you hear the call of Oradrin? (Designer: Quadrapus)

A name now echoes through the waters, the name of Oradrin. Should someone defeat his followers, Oradrin is honor bound to reward them.

But who would dare invade the holy land of a god?

             Level Range         : Level 201
             Goal Difficulty     : Very difficult
             Goal Recommended at : Whenever you want to die.

Area added February 13, 2005.


Note: Oradrin's Chosen is considered an EPIC area. Oradrin's Chosen is a very high level area that requires a large group of powerful characters to complete. If there were a goal difficulty of 'Suicide', this goal would have it.


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