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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Equipment
Autoeq : Information on the autoeq config option.
Bless Weapon : Temporarily enhance the power of a weapon.
Boats : How to successfully cross water.
Brandish : Information on using magical staves.
Brew : Brews a spell into a potion.
Changing Flag : A changing weapon inflicts random damage types
Compare : Information about the inventory score and compare syste
Containers : Properties of item containers on Aardwolf.
Continual Light : Creates a magical ball of light to guide the way.
Create Holy Symbol : Create a magical holy symbol that will help in combat.
Curse Item : Bonds items to you using a magical curse.
Destroy : Permanently destroy an owned item.
Drop : Information about object manipulation.
EQ-Affects : Clan Equipment: Affects
EQ-Armor : Clan Equipment: Armor (Type)
EQ-Armorbase : Clan Equipment: Armor Base Points
EQ-Boats : Clan Equipment: Boats
EQ-Campfires : Clan Equipment: Campfires
EQ-Containers : Clan Equipment: Containers
EQ-Costinshop : Clan Equipment: Cost In Shop Table
EQ-Drinkcontainers : Clan Equipment: Drink Containers
EQ-Dual : Clan Equipment: Dual Wear Limits
EQ-Extrastat : Clan Equipment: Closed Clan Extra Stat
EQ-Flags : Clan Equipment: Flag Costs
EQ-Food : Clan Equipment: Food
EQ-Fountains : Clan Equipment: Fountains
EQ-Furniture : Clan Equipment: Furniture
EQ-Illegalspells : Clan Equipment: Illegal Spells
EQ-Index : Help Index for the Clan Equipment Files
EQ-Info : Clan Equipment: General Information
EQ-Lights : Clan Equipment: Lights
EQ-Liquids : Clan Equipment: Liquid Types
EQ-Negatives : Clan Equipment: Negative Affects
EQ-Pills : Clan Equipment: Pills
EQ-Portals : Clan Equipment: Portals
EQ-Potions : Clan Equipment: Potions
EQ-Publicequip : Clan Equipment: Public Hall Equipment
EQ-Scrolls : Clan Equipment: Scrolls
EQ-Single : Clan Equipment: Single Wear Limits
EQ-Staves : Clan Equipment: Staves
EQ-Strings : Guide to understanding the different types of descripti
EQ-Tier : Clan Equipment: Tier EQ Rules
EQ-Treasure : Clan Equipment: Treasure
EQ-Types : Clan Equipment: Object Types Index
EQ-Wands : Clan Equipment: Wands
EQ-Weapondice : Clan Equipment: Weapons - Dice
EQ-Weaponextra : Clan Equipment: Weapons - Extra Information
EQ-Weapons : Clan Equipment: Weapons
Enchant Armor : Magically enhance armor in your possession.
Enchant Weapon : Magically enhance a weapon in your possession.
Enchantments : Information about Enchantments.
Envenom : Coats a weapon with deadly venom.
Eqsearch : Finds available equipment for your level.
Equipment : Displays all (visible) objects a character is wearing.
Exotic : Weapons of unusual function, and how to use them.
Fence : Pawn off unwanted gear on the black market.
Fill : Manipulates liquid in containers.
Fireproof : Protect objects from damage.
Flame Blade : Create a temporary blade of fire.
Flaming Flag : Cause additional fire damage with a weapon.
Forge : Create new items.
Frost Flag : Chill an opponent with your weapon.
Garbage Can : Quick transport to recall.
Haggle : Gives negotiation skills when dealing with stores.
Hallowed Light : Lights your way from the power within.
Hammerforge : Forges other weapons into hammers.
Hold : Holds an item in your hands ready for use.
Identify : Allows caster to see statistics of an item.
Ifilter : Filter inventory/market searches.
Illuminate : Allows the caster to imbue an object with a magical glo
Invdata : Inventory command for use with client scripts.
Invdetails : Displays tagged identification for a given object.
Inventory : Displays all (visible) objects a character is holding.
Invmon : Track actions on inventory equipment with tags.
Keep : Prevents you from dropping an item accidentally.
Keepflag : Allows items to be kept beyond the 10 level limit.
Locate Corpse : Locate the corpse of a player anywhere within Aardwolf.
Lore : Gives a chance of gaining information about an item.
Major Creation : Allows cloning of a wide range of artifacts.
Merge Chaos : Recycle the energies of unwanted chaos portals.
Minor Creation : Magically clones minor objects within the mud world.
Nogive : Prevent mobs from giving you things.
Object Flags : Descriptions of the object flags show in identify.
Object Read : Shows the psionicist details about an object.
ObjectId : Use of unique object id number for inventory management
Objlower : Spend quest points to decrease an item's level.
Objstat : Add stats to an object with quest points.
Odonate : Sends an item to the donation room for use by others.
Outfit : Can be used at low level to replenish equipment.
Ownedcarry : Explains the 'ownedcarry' command.
Ownedwhere : Show where your owned equipment is located.
Ownership : Bonds an item to you and makes it private.
Poison Flag : Poisons a weapon to weaken an opponent.
Potsearch : Command to help find magical items with a specific spel
Preserve : Preserves fragile skinned equipment.
Quaff : Information on using potions.
Recharge : Allows replenishment of wands and staves
Recite : Information on using scrolls.
Rehallow : Priest ability to alter hallowed lights.
Reinforce : Allows a warrior to upgrade his/her armor
Remove : Removes an item back into your inventory.
Reskin : Change the properties of a skin.
Resonate : A psionicist can cause an object to vibrate
Sacrifice : Sacrifice items to your god for a small reward.
Setflags : Change the flags on various game items.
Setweight : Modify an item's weight.
Sharp Flag : Fine-tuned weapons can cause more damage.
Sharpen : Allows user to make their weapon cause more damage.
Shields : The benefits of wearing shields.
Shocking Flag : Randomly shock an opponent with an attack.
Shoplifting : Grab shop items with a five-finger discount.
Shops : Commands for interacting with shopkeepers.
Skin : Skins wearable items from the corpses of monsters.
Sleeping Bag : Special properties of the trivia sleeping bag.
Solidify : The ability to make invisible items visible.
Spiritual Armor : Creates magical holy armor for limited duration.
Sword of Righteousne: Creates a temporary holy sword.
Tempering : Use a forge and ore to increase weapon abilities.
Trophy : Creates a trophy for triumph over your victim.
Typetags : Description of tags found in invdetails.
Vampiric Flag : These weapons offer a drained enemy's life to you.
Vorpal Flag : A vorpal weapon may instantly decapitate your victim.
Weapons : Weapon types.
Wear : Allows a player to use wear items in their inventory.
Wield : Equips a weapon in your inventory ready for use.
Wset : Modify a weapon's damage type.
Wtype : Information on changing weapon type with trivia points.
Zap : Information on using wands.