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Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Equipment, Ifilter, Noobjlevel, Keyring, Invsort.
Last Updated : 2018-01-10 21:15:01.

Syntax: inventory (<search text>|<filter>)

Inventory (commonly shortened to 'inv') lists the items you are currently carrying on your character, not worn or in any container. Use 'equipment' to see what you are currently wearing and 'look in <container> to see inside containers.

You will only see objects in inventory that are visible to you; if, for example, an item is invisible and you do not have the detect invis affect through a spell, item, or ability, you will not see it with the 'inv' command (though it is still there).

There are ways to limit the output of the inventory command. You may search your inventory by using 'inv <text>'; for example, 'inv ag' would show bags and daggers and anything else with 'ag' in the keyword or name of the objects. You may also choose to filter your inventory with a number of possible filters by using 'inv filter <filtertype> <option>'- see 'help ifilter' for more details.

A white number in parentheses before an item indicates a quantity. A green number in parentheses after an item indicates that item's level. If you do not want to see object levels, type 'noobjlevel' to toggle them off and on.