Object Flags

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 There are many flags that can affect objects in Aardwolf:

 Anti-Good/    It is not possible to equip these items if your alignment is
 Anti-Neutral/ the same as the anti-flag (see 'help alignment').

 Auctioned     Auction, Inc. stamps items they sell.  Shopkeepers will not
               buy these items.

 Balanced      Objects that had their weight halved/doubled by a 
               clan skill.

 Blessed       This flag currently does nothing.

 Burn-Proof*   Magical fortification protects this item against damage
               from acid and fire.  

 Clanonly      Only players from the clan that sells this object may save
               and quit with it. See 'help clanspying'.

 Clanonlyperm  Prevents removal of the clanonly flag on closed clan
               equipment (via the clanadmin command).

 Cursed        Cursed items can't be dropped and/or sold. You will need to 
               have them uncursed first.

 Donated       Items donated to donation rooms cannot be auctioned or sold
               back to stores.

 Evil          This flag currently does nothing.

 Glow*         These objects can be seen and manipulated in darkened
               rooms.  Added with the 'illuminate' spell.

 Held          Makes an item no-drop. This flag can be toggled using the
               'Keep' command, and will add (K) in front of the item name,
               read 'help keep' for more information.

 Heroonly      This item can only be used by players at level 200 or 201.
               Tiers do not apply, the item cannot be used if the player is
               not hero or superhero.

 Hum*          Allows an item to be detected and manipulated when blind
               or invisible.  Added with the 'resonate' spell.

 Illuminated   The 'illuminate' spell successfully added stats to this item.

 Invis*        The item is invisible to normal sight. Removed through 
               the 'solidify' spell.

 Inventory     Items that are always available from a particular shop will
               show this flag when appraised in that shop.

 Iskey         Keyloot ('help keyloot') will loot this item.

 Keepflag      Items with this flag do not count as an item towards your
               carryable item limit.  (See 'help keepflag'.)

 Lauction      Displayed while an item is on market (long-term-auction).

 Magic         Items that are inherently magical are impossible to duplicate
               through magical means.

 Melt-drop*    These objects are so fragile that they will turn into
               dust if dropped to the ground.

 Nodisarm      This item cannot be disarmed, but can be willingly removed.

 Nodrop        This item cannot be willingly dropped to the ground.  Added
               with the 'Curse' spell, removed with 'Remove Curse' or with
               the 'uncurse' wish.

 Nogive        The item cannot be given to another player or transferred in
               any way. If you die with one of these it will stay in your

 Nolocate      These objects cannot be located via magical means.  Thieves
               can set this with the 'Conceal' spell.

 Nopurge       An imm's room purge will not destroy this item.

 Noremove      This item is cursed and cannot be removed.  Added with the
               'Curse' spell, or removed with 'Remove Curse'.

 Noreown       This item is owned to a player, and cannot be reowned using
               the trivia reown command.

 Nosac         This item cannot be sacrificed (help sacrifice).

 Nosave        If you are carrying this item, it will disappear when you
               leave the realm of Aardwolf. Certain objects will do this
               even without this flag set. There is no way to remove this
               flag on an item.

 Nosell        An item with the 'nosell' flag cannot be sold to a store or

 Nostats       Stats cannot be added to this item by any means.

 Nosteal       An item with the 'nosteal' flag cannot be stolen by another
               player while this item is in your inventory.

 Noshare       An owned item with the 'noshare' flag cannot be shared with
               anyone, not even a spouse.

 Precious      The precious flag means that an item is special and protected
               from many actions that can potentially destroy items. Usually
               reserved for Quest items, Trivia items and special medals.

 Recharged     Once-per-item skills/spells (recharge, for example) will
               generally add this flag once used.

 Resonated     The 'Resonate' spell successfully added stats to this item.

 Restrung      The item has had at least one of its object name or
               description fields customized via the restring option.

 Rot-Death*    The forces of entropy in this object will cause the item 
               to decay shortly after its owner is killed.  If you die 
               before removing this flag, it is too late to stop the effect.

 Saveable      Objects with this flag ignored level restrictions; as of
               27 Nov 2010, this is no longer necessary.

 Solidified    Casting the 'Solidify' spell on this object yielded bonus 

 Static        Item cannot be changed. See 'help static' for more info.

 Stolen        This item was gained through the shoplift skill and cannot be
               sold to a shop.

 Unique        Items with this flag will not update when the base item is
               modified.  All clan items and anything with stats added from
               resonate, illuminate, tpenchant, etc., is considered unique.

 v3            Objects with this flag may not have the 'tpupgrade' command
               used on it, either because the command has already been used,
               or the object is not eligible.  (See 'help tpupgrade').

 Flags marked with * can be toggled with the 'setflags' command (see
 'help setflags').